• [livejournal.com profile] 12_12_12: Gender Issues Meta: Part 3. - This one brings together a lot of my fandoms and previous fandoms, because I've often been disturbed by the notion on some shows (and in fandom) that if a guy likes a girl and he is a good catch (i.e. nice, smart, good-looking) then the girl is somehow obligated to like him back. But of course, you never see this with the genders reversed. -

  • [livejournal.com profile] 12_12_12: Gender Issues Meta: Part 2. - The Nice vs. Good distinction is not a big deal for male characters. In fact it's the whole foundation of the "lovable bastard" trope, and more often than not the problem is that fandom goes to the other extreme for men: giving them credit and praise for even the smallest good deed and using that to excuse every bad thing they do. -

  • [personal profile] facetofcathy: Colin McEnroe, NPR dude, does a piece on fanfic, and I go off on a tangent (or two). - What struck me was that manbox!dude spent the entire show trying to comprehend fanfiction and fandom through a lens of hierarchical structures. He asks about permissions, taboos, rules and structure, and he seems very lost when no one will provide this expected framework. He also consistently makes a big fucking deal about all these chicks on his show, man. Like, they're not 14-year-old guys in their mom's basement and he's just boggled. I found the breadth of the ways fanfiction as discussed by his guests conflicted with his certainties about how the world functions absolutely fascinating. -
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  • [personal profile] kuwdora: [vid meta]: How I learned to shut up and love the cam rip… except I haven’t. - Now I’ve gone through some rather arduous ruminations about cam rips, source quality and my past with them and it turns out that I’m still torn on the subject. I love consuming new vids featuring the new squee source of my fannish heart even if it’s not perfect. But when it comes to trying to work with the material myself, I get a bitter taste in my mouth even though I want to ignore it. -
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  • [personal profile] facetofcathy: Out of the Mouths of Babes - Monetizing a private fanfic archive changes it from a place shaped by its owner and users to a place that will be shaped by the revenue stream. Keith is being extra cagey about how he plans to monetize the sites he bought. I think subscriptions and advertising are the only choices, and I don't think you can fund any single fandom archive through subscriptions. -

  • [personal profile] elf: Nai hiruvalyë linkspam - The continuing saga of fandom's reaction to investment capitalist overtures. -

  • [personal profile] silver_spotted: ok, how weird am I? - But also, I find it to be a really intriguing thought experiment. Supposing you did start a relationship with someone about whom you wrote RPF. If you are the sort of fanperson who wants to tell your partner about your fannish habits, how would you do that in this situation - without breaking the fourth wall? -
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  • [personal profile] silver_spotted: [in writingthewall] Glambert by any other name: fandom naming and boundaries
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  • [personal profile] happydork: Original fic vs fanfic -- "Ooh, look, it's my navel!" - This year, I've been making an effort to focus more on my original writing. I knew this would stretch different muscles from the ones I use for fanfic, but I've been surprised by what I've found easy and what I've found hard. -

  • [personal profile] thefourthvine: [Poll] Sharing the Love - My fannish life is inextricable from my real life, is my point. My friends know! My family knows! Apparently now the preschool people do, too! So my question is: how are things in your life? Do you talk about fan fiction at the dinner table? Can you imagine no more horrible fate? -
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  • [personal profile] facetofcathy: Fanfic on Film - One of the things that I found bemusing about the m/m romance is homophobic debate, especially when m/m fanfic started getting conflated into the conversation, is how often gay indie films seem just like fanfic to me. -
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  • [personal profile] lotesse: lilliputian meta on manpain - Because I am, arguably, a Manpain Queen. Pain makes me happy - in fiction, that is, ahem. My problem with mainpain - and it is a problem, don't get me wrong - is that it actually minimizes the amount of pain available. What if Sha're was taken by the Goa'uld and we got three seasons of Daniel angsting over it AND of Sha're dealing with possession/strugging to hold on to her own subjectivity/becoming increasingly radicalized and badass as she saw more of the world and its cruelties? Instead, manpain structures limit us to half the tasty suffering and weemo. -

  • [personal profile] mistresscurvy: The Five Stages of Fic Writing - I realized there needs to be a Five Stages of Fic Writing sort of like the Five Stages of Grief, and given that I am ALL ABOUT distraction these days, I figured that was clearly what my afternoon needed to be about. -
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  • [personal profile] bedlamsbard: I'm pretty sure people who don't write action don't have this problem - To sum up, four different methods of writing battles:1. Short cuts between multiple POVs in the same battle. (S.M. Stirling, Bernard Cornwell, Scott Lynch, Tamora Pierce)2. Blinkered -- single POV, either directly in the battle or as an observer. (Bernard Cornwell, Mercedes Lackey, George R.R. Martin, Tamora Pierce)3. Fade to black -- single POV, build up and/or aftermath, but no actual fight sequences. (George R.R. Martin, Stephenie Meyer, Tamora Pierce)4. Exposition wagon -- description of the battle after it happens, usually from a non-POV character. (George R.R. Martin) -
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  • [personal profile] viklikesfic: Some Thoughts on Kink Bingo, and My Card - The principal criticism, as I understand it, is that this system rewards bad writing about underrepresented characters, privileges quantity over quality, and gives people brownie points for writing about these characters, no matter how awful the characterization. In other words, good job, you wrote about a black person, here, have a banner. -

  • [personal profile] wallwalker: Rants on weight, fictional characters, and perceptions/coding. - Most of the time, when you see an overweight character, you can make a safe bet that character is either going to be a villain, comic relief, ineffectual, or some combination of the above. -

  • [personal profile] dharma_slut: my thoughts.. stemming from kink bingo's newest changes - The anger I'm seeing about the potential to write a character badly, the sense of horror over having to read a badly written character-- i don't like it. It reminds me far too much of the Mary Sue Crusade. As readers, we try to protect ourselves from reading writer's mistakes by shaming them before the fact. I'm not real good with that. -

  • [personal profile] magnavox_23: Manips: Drag Queens Of The Art World? - I have noticed recently a small backlash against manippers as to how realistic their work is as a favoured character's head (and this is how I see the image I am using - as a character, not the actor) is photoshopped onto the most buffed, oiled bodies one can find with Google images at their mercy. What is more important, the realness of the image you are creating, or the fantasy you are projecting? -
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  • [livejournal.com profile] onelittlesleep: MORE on the anti-underage kmm - if you're going to try to pass off an underage kink shaming policy as a "I am just covering my ass!", here are the reasons your logic fails. -

  • [livejournal.com profile] pearl_o: both fyi and tl;dr - So, to be clear: this is a kink meme, and even in the very midst of the language of kink positivity these memes are based on, it stops to police and shame one specific kink - and, honestly, not that unusual of one. -

  • [livejournal.com profile] frantic_allonsy: > - If you open a kink meme, which is supposed to be a safe space for kink, you had goddamn better well be prepared to step outside what you personally want, and accept all kinks regardless of how offensive they are. That means that even if you believe people who prompt for underage pornography are actually pedophiles, you do not say that, or you should not be moderating a kink community. Even if it touches on you personally when someone prompts for chubby-chasing, or eating disorders, or non-con, you don't censor that, or you should not be moderating a kink community. -

  • [personal profile] facetofcathy: Links about representation - I want writers (in the general sense) to expand their character palette. But in the specific, I want writers to do it out of a drive to write that particular character as a character, not as an ambassador from planet X!Identity making a special guest appearance in fic now for the very first time. -

  • [personal profile] erinptah: How to write Fic About Issues without it becoming Issuefic - Issuefic at its worst is didactic, boring, and with cookie-cutter characterization thanks to everything being subsumed by the goal of Making A Point, which is handled with about as much subtlety as a whack-a-mole mallet. (I could go on.)But for the most part, I don't think writers set out to lecture. They just set out to write Non Faily Fic about some srs bsns subject or another, and try too hard. -
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  • [personal profile] needled_ink_1975: Mind their language! - Please, please don't go grabbing bits of foreign-to-you languages from those "Common Phrases in Language X" websites. You might be able to get away with it if you only use really common words like the translation for 'Okay/all right,' 'Yes,' 'No,' 'Please,' and 'Thank you.' Very often, you won't get away with any more than that. -

  • [personal profile] elf: Cry OC, and let slip the sues of fic - I've been pondering which fandoms lend themselves to OC-heavy fic, maybe only-OC fic. I'm focusing on "normal" media fandoms, rather than things like games or works of art or songs; I'm not addressing fandoms that many fanfic archives wouldn't acknowledge as sources for fic. I want to think about (and therefore, inflict you) the fandoms that *could* have lots of OC fic, but just don't. -

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